Lexa (the 100)

    Shopping for Lexa: The pants

    August 8, 2016
    cosplay lexa

    In my masterpost I already alluded to my plans to make a Commander Lexa shopping list. I finally sat down and decided to write down a list for the very first part of the cosplay: The pants.

    The good thing about cosplaying a character from a show such as The 100 with a contemporary-scifi theme is that it is possible to get most (if not all) parts of the costume online anyway. Especially with Lexa finding the right items is almost too easy – her costume designer Katia Stano used primarily items that can be bought in stores as basis for the costume, added in a few unusual resources (such as the tire Lexa wears on her left shoulder when in full gear) and distressed it all to fit the theme of the show.

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